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Our Alm

ascent and descent

Our cozy hut can be reached from Bad Hofgastein via the Kronwald-Güterweg and Annencafe with a leisurely two-hour hike through the woods. Parking spaces are available above the Annencafe. From there you walk past rushing streams, small fountains that invite you to linger and through untouched nature.

The fresh scent of fir trees and undisturbed peace make the hearts of nature lovers beat faster. You have the choice to climb the way up on a road or on small natural paths. The road is suitable for prams, but the altitude difference should not be underestimated! The difference in altitude is about 650m.

You can also reach our hut by mountain bike. After a four-hour hike from the Grüner Baum over the Gamskarkogel, the highest grass mountain in Europe, you also arrive at the Grussberghütte.

For those who cannot make the ascent on their own, the Rudiger taxi company (Tel. 06432 6611) drives to the Rastötzenalm.