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Buttermilk – and Brettljaus’n

Savory or sweet?

We can do both… Whether homemade cheese dumplings in soup or a typical Brettljaus’n with cheese, bacon and bread.

For those who prefer something sweet, we recommend a farmer’s donut filled with jam or a warm curd cheese strudel fresh from the oven. Appetite for a typical Austrian Kaiserschmarr’n? No problem, it will be prepared!

If you are thirsty, there are in-house juices such as elderflower, currant and apple juice or our specialty; Blueberry Buttermilk. But of course you can also get a refreshing beer, a cup of coffee or a warm tea from us.

And last but not least – the ” medicine ” must not be missing – fruit brandy, rowan berries, cherries, masterwort or plums – whatever your heart desires.

We have a specialty that lives up to its name: Poacher Hugo . You want to know what that is? Well then, let’s go to the Grußberghütte!