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Feel the Lake

Austria’s first thermal swimming lakes at Alpentherme Gastein

Unique, genuine, pure! The new thermal swimming lakes. As of July 2017, they will offer a never-before-seen or -felt spa experience here at Alpentherme Gastein.


As you bathe in these two lakes, all of your senses will feel the power of nature, the clarity of the water and the pure energy that regenerates your body. Unique and genuine, because they are fed with genuine Gastein thermal water. The two lakes, covering an area of 1300 and 370 m², are filled with the treasure of the Hohe Tauern mountains. Every day, 150 m³ of fresh thermal water bubbles into the lakes. Unique and pure, because they are cleaned without the addition of chemical substances such as chlorine. The water is actually kept pure using a biological filtration system. Anyone dealing with skin problems or allergies can enjoy swimming in the lake without giving it a second thought.


Also unique is the setting. Here in the heart of Gastein Valley, with its magnificent mountain views, the outdoor swimming season will extend in future from the beginning of May until late October thanks to the stable temperatures of both these lakes. A clear advantage, especially whenever the weather chooses not to cooperate. Plus, if rain and cool temperatures bring a sudden end to your outdoor bathing enjoyment, you can simply move indoors to our welcoming thermal pools and saunas, and make yourself warm & cozy until the sun pops its head out and invites you back outside again.


Recreation through activity

The opportunities in and around the big thermal swimming lake including ample space for active recreation. The large swimming area has all the room you could wish for to move about freely in the water. And with 50 m-long swimming lanes, you will be able to get as much physical exercise as you want. The shallow areas, on the other hand, promise all kinds of fun and play for those guests who don’t want to venture out too far. And some things that bathers are generally only able to experience at natural lakes, can now also be enjoyed at our spa resort: For example, at set times our guests can make their first attempts at stand-up paddling. And around the lake, sunbathing areas invite you to stretch out and relax. In the mood for a spot of yoga? The power of nature and water unites during revitalizing yoga sessions right next to the lake.


A retreat for guests seeking peace & quiet

Sauna World at Alpentherme Gastein has always been a refuge of peace and deep relaxation. With the addition of the small thermal swimming lake, yet another delightful facet has been added to this recreational gem. Between stimulating sauna sessions, you can now immerse yourself in pure thermal water. A new sauna with view of the lake and the Gastein mountains even turns time in the sauna into a nature experience in its own right. After the sauna infusion, when it’s time for a break, simply head for one of the exclusive lounge chairs out on a sunny lawn, and treat yourself to a short nap.


Aquatic fun for children and families

Close by, though very much a realm unto itself, is our Family World. Here, families and children looking for anything but peace & quiet find just what they have been craving – that’s to say, fun and games in the water. For them, too, there is a new attraction to add to the in- and outdoor family pools. Awaiting them now is a 4-lane, approximately 30 meters-long wave slide. On hot summer days, “water babies” – big and small – can enjoy refreshing, undulating rides all the way to the bottom. And how about a family race? Enjoyment in and by the water, guaranteed to set the pulses of the youngsters and youngsters-at-heart racing with excitement.


Opening Festival 1 July 2017

On 1 July, we will officially open the new lakes with an array of events to celebrate the occasion. Here is just a brief overview of the program: live music, short show performances, sporting competitions for guests to participate in with attractive prizes, a kids’ activity program, along with all kinds of culinary treats in between. As a special opening offer, for complete resort access – including the thermal pools, spa resort & sauna – from 1 July until 3 July you will pay only € 10.00.


Please direct enquiries to:

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Katharina Wallner
Sen.W. Wilfling Platz 1
5630 Bad Hofgastein
Tel. 06432/82 93-106
Fax. 06432/8293-14
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