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Buttermilk - and alpine snack

Savoury or sweet?

We can do both – whether it’s home-made Kaspressknödel (cheese dumplings) in soup or a classic alpine snack with cheese, bacon and bread.

For those that prefer something sweet, we recommend Bauernkrapfen filled with marmalade or a still-warm quark strudel fresh from the oven. Feel like a classic Austrian Kaiserschmarrn? No problem, coming right up!

Home-made juices, such as elderflower, currant and apple juice, or our specialty, blueberry buttermilk, quench every thirst. Naturally, we also serve refreshing beer, a cup of coffee, or a warming mug of tea.

Last but not least – we mustn’t forget about the “medicine” – fruit brandy; rowan berry, cherry, masterwort or plum – whatever your heart desires.

We exclusively serve a speciality that lives up to its name: Wilderer Hugo. You want to know what it is? Head over to the Grußberghütte!